Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, Facebook is making changes to benefit user experiences while offering additional opportunities for businesses to grow. Meanwhile, YouTube and WhatsApp have also become more user friendly by giving people what they want.


Facebook Autoplay Videos Will Soon Start with Sound
Facebook has announced that videos on newsfeeds will automatically start playing sound. It will play quietly when you scroll towards them and if you stay to watch the video the sound will get louder. Users can also choose to opt out in the settings.


YouTube is Removing Unskippable 30-second Ads
Even YouTube can’t deny that it gets really annoying when you’re forced to watch pre-roll ads. In order to improve user experience this format will be removed by 2018. Sadly, those 20-second unskippable ads will still be around for now.


Facebook’s Latest Feature Could Poach Businesses from LinkedIn LinkedIn needs to step up their game as Facebook has enabled business pages to post job vacancies to users’ newsfeed in Canada and the U.S. Potential employees just need to click the ‘apply now’ button to instantly send their job application through Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp Launches ‘Status’ Just as Instagram did, WhatsApp has gotten on the ‘Snapchat Stories’ bandwagon. With the launch of the ‘WhatsApp Status’ tab, users will be able to share decorated photos, videos and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours.


Facebook is taking a step in the right direction with its continuous improvements to enhance user experience and cater to businesses. YouTube and WhatsApp have also made smart choices, which will keep them one step ahead of competitors.


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