In this edition of ‘ 5 Lion Experts’ Bytes’, Hans Lee, Creative Director, Lion & Lion lays down 5 ways to imbibe creativity to marketing to create a more memorable, longer lasting relationship with consumers.


Five Ingenious Ways to Add Creativity to Your Brand Marketing
Five Ingenious Ways to Add Creativity to Your Brand Marketing


5 Lion Experts’ Bytes – Five ingenious ways to add creativity to your brand marketing



Hello 2030! Yes, you read it right. The pandemic has pushed us towards a future we call the ‘New Normal’. Everything that we do from creative strategy to marketing has to adapt to these changes and at internet speed. Right now, we’re seeing many offline businesses or brands moving their marketing strategy online to survive in this new norm.

Here are my thoughts on how we can navigate and add some spark of creativity to your brand marketing.


Be Bold

Say it as it is because today’s consumers are smarter than you think. Use the common language everyone relates to or as shown in this example, an emoji.

Deadpool’s Emoji Billboard – marketing the irreverent and foul-mouthed anti-hero movie by 20th Century Fox


Be Honest

Nothing beats a piece of creative marketing strategy that’s effective, honest and true to what the brand stands for. It also makes your consumers more aware of your brand’s intention, so that it is not just another marketing ploy.

Burger King’s ‘Mouldy Whopper’ – The point of the clip is to show that the burger contains no artificial preservatives


Be Good

Create purposeful work that supports sustainability, equality and pushes change for the better. Let your audience know what action they can do. ACT not Ad.

State Street Global Advisors ‘Fearless Girl’ – the work is commissioned as part of a broader push to get more women on corporate boards.

Be Humble

As we’re moving into this new normal, we have to remind ourselves to throw away our ego. Being humble can do more good than bad for your brands. It’s about connection, empathy, being of service, and making a difference.

KFC London FCK ads – KFC ran out of chicken and had to close many of its restaurants. Social media became KFC’s greatest ally during such a critical situation by adding humour and diffusing public anger.


Be Yourself

Brands that walk the talk and have a mission will always stand apart. When the world zigs, you zag.

Nike USA – They have the courage to shake things up. Put their money where their mouth is—and no one does it quite like them.


Thank you for getting this far. I’m an optimist. The future belongs to those who try and are never afraid to engage. Ask the right questions and provide better solutions. More ACT, more courage, more humility in our creativity. These are the ingredients to success and will make the difference for your brands.


About this series: 5 Lion Experts’ Byte is a series where Lion & Lion experts share tips and insights on different aspects of the ever-evolving marketing landscape, from social media, creative, strategy to digital marketing. 


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