Lion & Lion has partnered with L’Oréal to develop a launch campaign to introduce La Roche Posay, the number one dermatological skincare brand worldwide that emphasises safety and dermatological accessibility for users with skin conditions, to the Indonesian market. As part of a comprehensive campaign rollout, Lion & Lion will be developing and executing La Roche-Posay’s social media communication strategy as well as building a local website for its Indonesian consumers.


Lion & Lion has been working with L’Oréal since 2016



Bringing life-changing dermatological skincare to Indonesia

Lion & Lion has been working with L’Oréal since 2016 and assisted the French cosmetics company with its L’Oreal Paris, Garnier and Maybelline brands in Indonesia. The introduction of La Roche Posay is a followup to the company’s positive reception in the Indonesian market and a response to increasing demands for healthier skincare.


“We observed a recent shift in consumer trends, with more consumers looking towards dermatological skincare for reliability, efficacy and safety. As one of the world’s leading skincare brands, we are confident that La Roche Posay will be able to match our existing success in the Indonesian market. Seeing as how Lion & Lion has been a strong partner both creatively and digitally for the L’Oréal Indonesia group, we believe the agency will provide strong support as well for the launch of La Roche Posay and will continue to play a pivotal role in growing the brand in Indonesia, “ said Nestya Sedayu, Marketing Manager, Active Cosmetics Division, L’Oréal Indonesia group.


The brand launch campaign is focused on raising awareness for La Roche Posay on its social and digital platforms, namely Facebook, YouTube and a localised website (, while highlighting the brand’s commitment to offering highly effective products suitable for sensitive skin to improve the quality of life of users with skin concerns. Lion & Lion will also be responsible for building strong brand equity and desirability, and at the same time, communicating and educating Indonesian consumers via engaging and appealing creative content. 


John Campbell-Bruce, Managing Director of Indonesia, Lion and Lion, stated that Lion & Lion has acquired significant experience in the beauty and cosmetics market over the past six years which has provided the agency with strong insights into consumer trends and behaviours that will greatly help La Roche Posay to make real impact in the Indonesian market.


“We are excited to continue our journey with L’Oréal Indonesia through the launch of La Roche Posay, a brand that offers positive social impact through its products. This sense of inclusivity appeals to our audience and we have noticed this in the way they have engaged with our content. Our approach will build on this insight and show how La Roche Posay brings people together through its products’ brand promise of safety and accessibility.”




James Lim

Senior Corporate Communications Manager