Lion & Lion, a creatively-driven, digital-first agency with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, has appointed Jonn Dogra as its Head of Brand Experience. In his role, he will further strengthen creative excellence across the group and will power the development of connected brand experiences to drive impactful bonds with users and consumers. He will be directly reporting to Cheelip Ong, who has been recently named Chief Product Officer of Lion & Lion to integrate all product offerings ‒ from strategy, to media, creative, brand experience, social, and content. 


Dogra is a veteran of the industry, with 16 years of experience in advertising and communications. Prior to joining Lion & Lion, he served with agencies such as Dentsu Malaysia, Y&R Malaysia, and Entropia, where he joined as one of the first hybrid copy-based Creative Directors, which eventually led to his appointment as Director of Experiential Design. Dogra’s innate sense of creativity and innovation has enabled him to lead brands to maximise their impact across a rapidly-changing media and consumer landscape. 


His success stories include many notable consumer labels including KFC Delivery, Carlsberg, Honda, Wonda Coffee, Caltex, and Pepsi, just to name a few. He also led his teams to capture a number of industry accolades such as the 2017 Drum APAC Chairman’s Award for ‘KFC Cravers Live Out Their Secret Obsessions’, and a 2017 Appies Silver for ‘Masterminding the Biggest Internet roll by Wonda Kopi Tarik’. 


Ong said, “Jonn’s track record in coming up with innovative creative solutions for different brands across all platforms will be invaluable to us. He is highly strategic and is a true digital-native who believes in creating work that connects and engages with consumers across multiple touchpoints. I am thrilled to have him join our growing team of specialists to deliver impact for our clients.” 


Jonn added, “Someone mistook me for Cheelip’s bodyguard! While I can be that guy, I am much happier to be joining Cheelip in pushing creative solutions at Lion & Lion. I can’t wait to add my voice to our collective roar – keep a close eye on the pride!”


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James Lim

Senior Corporate Communications Manager