Lion & Lion worked closely with Coca-Cola to kickstart their Chinese New Year (CNY) festivities with the help of influencers in Singapore and Malaysia.


The campaign saw influencers of different followings sharing their awkward and annoying interactions with nosy relatives during the holiday season. Most of the interactions involved commenting on an individual’s appearance, relationship status and the quintessential question of asking married couples if they will be having children, and more.


Some interactions went as far as being snide, such as “Hey why you so slim ahh? Never eat ah? So slim nice meh?”. It also follows with the poster’s replies.


All posts are tagged with the hashtags #CNWhyyy and #awkwardCNYquestions and implore followers to share their awkward CNY experiences. Most of the posts tease Coca-Cola’s next move to help alleviate these awkward situations.


Coca-Cola explains that the #CNWhyyy campaign is a teaser leading up to its main one. Agencies that also worked on the account alongside Lion & Lion, include Ogilvy Malaysia as well as Mediacom Singapore and Malaysia.


The overall campaign ran on channels including FTA, cable, digital video, social media and out-of-home. There was also an in-store activation via a mega roadshows.


“While everyone looks forward to enjoying their Chinese New Year meals at the dinner table with their loved ones, many a time, the whole experience may be made awkward by the awkward questions that come up between relatives. Questions like: “When are you getting married?” When are you having your first kid? Or even “When are you going to find a job?’ – this is the universal insight that all Chinese face during this festive season,” the spokesperson said.


Meanwhile, two videos have also been launched in conjunction with the campaign, one for the Singapore market and the other for Malaysia.


The spot showcases typical nosy relatives asking awkward questions to younger relatives at the reunion dinner table. In response to her prompting, a younger relative pushes a cup of Coca-Cola and dish in an attempt to distract her from the topic, successfully doing so.


The beverage brand’s CNY spot, which was launched on 2 January 2016 on its Singapore Facebook page, garnered over 530,000 views, 2,000 reactions and 157 comments at the time of writing. Watch it here.



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