To remind Indonesians to stay hydrated, the beverage brand AQUA and integrated digital marketing agency Lion & Lion created a music video for the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan. The catchy music video is fastly becoming viral across Indonesia.



AQUA has been active during the Ramadan season in the past, and this year Lion & Lion and AQUA teamed up together with popular Indonesian singing trio “AIR” (Afgan Syahreza, Isyana Sarasvati & Rendy Pandugo) to develop a catchy song about hydration. The tune introduces a new term “Kurmin” (short for kurang minum – lack of drinking) to remind Indonesians that they need to maintain healthy daily hydration habits despite the long hours of fasting. In a few days, the music video received more than 85,000 views, 150 shares, and more than 1,000 hashtag mentions on Instagram.


David Webb, Head of Creative at Lion & Lion says “Ramadan has always been a cluttered period where brands pump out most of their advertising budgets. We leveraged on the insight that Indonesians do not drink enough water during fasting and coined the term “Kurmin” as a mnemonic tool to easily remind people to drink 8 glasses of water. We communicated it through a song to communicate the message of hydration in a catchy way.


Check out the Ramadan tune on AQUA’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.


Aqua Indonesia - Client at Lion & Lion



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