5 Actionable Ways to Create TikTok Content For Your Brand

TikTok is one of the most downloaded Apps in 2020, the growing popularity of TikTok has grabbed the attention of marketers. Ranked Top 5 in downloads in Southeast Asia (SEA), 57% of TikTok users are in the range of 18-35 years in this region. To keep up with the changing consumer behavior, brands have been rushing to understand TikTok. The rules are new and different from other social media platforms.

In our series ‘ 5 Lion Experts’ Bytes’, Angelyn Soh, Head of Social, Lion & Lion lays down 5 effective steps for brands to consider when embarking on their TikTok Journey.



1. Identify your Key Objectives for being on TikTok

Like any new and upcoming social media platforms, TikTok saw a huge surge of downloads and usage especially during the lockdown period, many users saw the platform as a way to join conversations, keep up with trends and create their own content. 

However, from a brand’s perspective, being on TikTok should mean more than just targeting their specific audiences. So, before jumping onto the bandwagon, brands should first identify their key objectives of being on the platform and what their long term plans will be to utilise the platform to their advantage. 

2. Understand Your Audience on TikTok

With more than 800 million users on TikTok, it seems to be a platform used mostly by Generation Z, but there has also been a steady increase in Millennial users. The behaviors between users differ, but understanding their behaviours will help brands to create content that may be more relevant and relatable to their audiences

3. Join the Conversation

The draw of TikTok is to create content that engages and entertains audiences. They do not like to be bombarded with ads or content that are too hard-sell. So focus on joining the conversation with your TikTok audiences and have fun!

Join hashtag challenges that are relevant to your brand, use music in your content to increase your reach and most importantly, engage with your audiences through replies, and comments.

4Build a Relationship with Influencers

TikTok is now seen as the primary platform for users to turn into influencers, and since most users on TikTok create content to connect with each other, it’s important that brands also start looking into building a strong influencer strategy with TikTok influencers.

Building stronger relationships with your influencers will not only help you increase your brand awareness and preference through TikTok, but it also enables other users to advocate your brand

5. Be Human

Last and most importantly, users want to see the other side of your brand, so be human! Let them in on the things your brands are doing behind-the-scenes, showcase what your brand does from a day in the life, or show them what it takes to be a brand in this day and age. Creating content allows your brand to be more human to the audiences which is what most Gen Zers and Millennials are often looking for in a brand.


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About this series: 5 Lion Experts’ Byte is a series where Lion & Lion experts share tips and insights on different aspects of the ever-evolving marketing landscape, from social media, creative, strategy to digital marketing.